NAVX sources, aggregates and distributes geolocalized content that can be used in GPS and, more generally, in any location-aware devices.

We provide solutions to a growing base of end-users owning a GPS or mobile phone, and to companies selling devices (GPS manufacturers, mobile operators, etc.), including TomTom, Garmin, Mio and Orange.
Our portfolio of content includes gas prices, speedcam locations, real-time parking information, wifi hotspots, restaurants, bars, etc.

We provide Enriched Geolocalized Content

NAVX - Location based content and services provider

ForEnd users

We operate, a portal of geolocalized content.

The website enables end-users to select, pay and download content to their GPS for a monthly or yearly subscription fee. We also develop and market mobile applications that can be downloaded directly from application stores such as Apple’s Appstore.


We provide content that enhances their offering and allows them to generate additional revenues through subscriptions.

Our content is particularly useful in «connected devices» able to send and receive dynamic and relevant information through wireless connections.